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She’s had smaller boobs for years now. I was about to do a long form boobica historia for you guys, but that’d be pretty silly. Short version — they used to be legitimately big, in various old photoshoots and her Love Song  sideboob scene…always somewhat accentuated, but still large. But somewhere around 2009 I noticed them slimming down. A picture from a premiere in early 2009 ,

the one I remember first noticing. That was 5 years ago. I lost interest at that point, and ever since they’ve been hoisted and enhanced with bras. They’ll often look like this — “big”, but no real cleavage. In a bra from the same movie. See? Not big.

They’re honestly bigger than I thought they’d be…they’re pretty shapely, she’s hot. But they’re nothing like before.

edit1 Some more stuff. Guess I’m going to get silly after all. I found it interesting that they didn’t boost them at all for this outfit in Winter Soldier.

I’m glad that both her and the studio are comfortable with her natural size. They couldn’t resist on the poster, of course.

edit2 Everyone was geeking out over this shit, but I knew. And please. People need to learn about the power of the bra. Even everyone’s favorite wet dream  is 40% padding. She’s super hot, but do you want to be fapping to boob or to cotton? Educate yourself.

edit3 It really did suck when she started to lose them. She was absolutely voluptuous. I cringe any time I see a tryhard photoshoot like this. And I absolutely hated this farce. It’s just so much better when you let them sit naturally. That said, I thought Esquire did a good job of simulating her former glory without looking uncomfortable.


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